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Listen to music online

Listen to music online

Listen to your favorite music online at You no longer need to download any track to listen it, just stream it anytime, you would like to.

This feature is definitely a great advantage for everyome:
  • Those who use 4shared services from their mobile phones.
  • Those who don’t want to spend the memory card storage space on music files only.
  • Those who are getting bored of the music in the walkman or a phone player.
Listen music online with 4shared. It’s a great way to find the desirable track without downloading all the similar ones. Here is a system:
  • you check out any music piece;
  • if it’s exactly the file you want – listen or download;
  • if it’s not – keep looking.
You also can create your personal online track lists at 4shared.

Being musical gourmet, you can share your tastes with others creating your special musical folders which others will be able either to listen music online or to download it. For musicians users’ possibility to stream audio at 4shared is a great opportunity to promote themselves and their music.