Ein Endy .
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In Truth...All Science and Art include Music IS FREE. Everybody can learn, listen, and made it. Its kinda self satisfaction!! FREE just like a free Fresh Air that Mighty Lord God Allah SWT give to us...Respectfully, is God give a charge to us Mortal for every single air that we use to breath then life??!! Should be better maybe if we Treat Legal for Piracy, bcoz i think piracy can make Proletar more intelligent, skillfull, clever, smart, educated or what ever you want to name it!! BUT, we MUST Massively Respect also The Maker of Science and Art (Scientist and Musicians). "We weren't too ambitious when we started out. We just wanted to be the biggest thing that ever walked the planet" by Steven Tyler.....Ein Volks, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer, Ein Endy!! **need to chill out fur a bit now**
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