Conversation MOD
Edit SW QWERTY Keyboard
[MOD, Belle] Avkon2
[MOD, Belle] Blinking LED charging to response to the missed events
[MOD, Belle] Custom Profiles
[MOD, Belle] Music Player Screen Saver
[MOD, Belle] N9 ScreenSaver Clock to Belle
[MOD, Belle] ScreenSaver Clock to Belle
[MOD, FP2] Add Touch Input parameter in FP2 device
[MOD, N808PV] 41.5MP full resolution added
[MOD, N808PV] Light mod (charge indicator) for 808
[MOD, TUT] Menu Structure, Layout (+Icons)
[MOD] FM Radio Skin
[MOD] Music Player remove-replace Music Store button
[MOD] QT 4.8 for ROM
1 KB
SD Card in Notification Bar by wirer.sis