Schaefer Law Firm
Schaefer Law Firm
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8030 W Emerald Street, Suite 185 Boise, ID 83704 United States • (208) 810-4851 • • The Schaefer Law Firm helps people with the immigration process. Simply put, we help future Americans become citizens by helping them navigate the immigration process. We help people who need the assistance of an immigration lawyer for adjustment of status green card applications, immigration waivers (I601 hardship waivers, I601A unlawful presence waivers, J1 waivers and nonimmigrant waivers), family-based immigration or marriage-based immigration (spouse immigrant visas and K1 fiance visas). We also offer application review services for people who prefer to complete their immigration application on their own but want the extra confidence of having an immigration lawyer review the application before it is submitted to the government.
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