Chris M.
Chris M.
joined 14 years ago | Brazil Brazil
p Born in April 27, he has been a professional singer since 1998. At the age of seven, he began learning to play classical acoustic guitar at the traditional Conservatório Bela Bartok music school at Penha, São Paulo. Chris became immediately interested in Rock, and at 13, migrated from acoustic to electric guitar. As a guitarist, he participated in bands such as The Cult Cover, Mother's Vision, Superhard. When he was 18, Chris became interested in singing and decided to study, initially, at the same music school where he began his musical life. He then started singing in the Classic Rock band Superhard, which played throughout São Paulo city and countryside. At the age of of 22, he was recruited from São Paulo's night life to work as a musician (vocalist) in Japan. During the period in which he was in the islands, Chris continued studying music, taking lyric singing classes. His studies continue to this day, currently with Prof. Juvenal de Moura. Chris returned to Brazil in 2001, since then, having been in Classic Rock (Chili Willy, Solitude, Arquivo4), Metal (Inbound, Steel Storm), and bawl bands. He is currently the frontman of the Hard Rock band SONORA. His main influences are Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Jeff Scott Soto e Sammy Hagar. /p
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