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4shared Toolbar

4shared Toolbar

4shared Toolbar - instant access to your account! It is a compatible with many popular browsers, For example with FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google toolbars.

4shared Toolbar works as a search toolbar and a download toolbar either. With 4shared Toolbar users can search for necessary information, like news, applications, images, videos and other kinds of files not only within the massive 4shared database, but the whole Internet as well. 4shared Toolbar, Desktop and 4shared homepage provide hundreds of options for users.

With 4shared Toolbar all users can:
  • receive news and announcements from 4shared services immediately;
  • access free games;
  • watch TV;
  • stream music online;
  • listen radio online.
Besides, 4shared Toolbar has got multi-language interface,  which makes it even more convenient in usage for people of different nationalities.Furthermore, the app is absolutely free for all users, so you can download toolbar, offered by 4shared, without spending any money.