4shared Resellers
4shared has official resellers in various countries, so our services can be purchased not only directly, but also at your local reseller. If you are not able to use the online payment methods currently available at our web site you can purchase any 4shared product from one of our resellers in your country.

All approved resellers are listed below. Please do not buy anything from other organizations if they are not mentioned in this list.

Resellers in your country: United States United States

website: http://www.24instant.com
e-mail: info@24instant.com
website: http://www.bigshareshop.com
e-mail: info@bigshareshop.com
website: http://www.Fast-Premium.com
e-mail: info@fast-premium.com
website: https://megabackup.uk
e-mail: sales@megabackup.uk
Premium.Us (Paypal + Immediately Delivery)
website: https://premium.us/4shared-premium-key.html
e-mail: support@premium.us
PremiumInstant ( Paypal Accepted )
website: https://premiuminstant.com/4shared-premium.html
e-mail: support@premiuminstant.com
website: http://ultrabilling.net/4shared
e-mail: support@ultrabilling.net
Full reseller list
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