Backup files

Backup files

Back up your files online at 4shared! Buy Premium and 4shared will back up files for you!

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1. Back up with 4shared
Uploading files to 4shared you can expect that you’ll access them anywhere anytime after and that all your files will stay safe. 4shared online data backup provides you with one of the best online backup services.

2. Back up with 4Sync
With 4shared Sync you’ll back up files just after adding them to your ‘My 4shared’ folder. Just wait a few minutes and all your files will be uploaded to your 4shared account. Working within “My 4shared folder” if you 4shared Sync installed automatically backs up your files and folders.

3. Back + synchronize
After installation of 4shared Sync application you can expect that your files will be not only backed up, but also synchronized between different computers or devices.

4. Premium backup
Premium 4shared users can expect even their deleted files being backed up. So, they cannot worry about the safety of their files.