Free file sharing


Each user of 4shared has an opportunity to define various comment settings at the 4shared account. You can allow each and every user to leave comments to a certain file or cancel this feature.

If you would like to get the e-mail notifications, as soon as any new comment is added to the file, it’s also possible. Just choose this option from the “Comments Settings” menu. You can respond the comments as soon as possible without watching all your files comments at 4shared.

The “Comments Settings” feature is useful for those who wish to find out others’ outlooks, regarding their music, photos, videos, or any other files, and even promote their files on the Web.

Checking your comments will also help to rate your files and find out the styles of your friends and other users. When you know their opinion you can satisfy their demands if you want to. However, you can debate with your friends and inculcate your views and tastes.