4shared online photo album

4shared online photo album

Create your shareable online photo album with 4shared! Upload, view, make slideshows and download photos with 4shared!

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1. Preview mode
Setting the preview mode to your photos, you can view their thumbnails. With this feature you can open only those files which you like to.

2. Shareable albums
4shared photo albums have one great advantage over other online photo storages. You can share your files with your friends at social networks or sent them links with other messengers. Moreover you can use links to your online photo album on other your sites or blogs.

3. Slide show
Most of online photo sharing services don’t have the feature of slide show view of your photos. With 4shared you can easily view your photos online in a slide show mode.

4. Opinions sharing
You can let your friends commenting your photos. You also can let anybody you want to comment your photos, if you want to know the opinion of wider audience.