Backup files

Backup files

Back up your files online at 4shared! Buy Premium and 4shared will back up files for you!

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All 4shared users can enjoy the “backup files” feature. Backup online services are very important nowadays.

4shared provides you with assurance that your files will be safe. Your photos, documents, music, etc will stay unharmed.

Reasons that may damage data:
  • unexpected Internet disconnections;
  • electricity problems;
  • broken computer;
  • accidently erased info.
All these factors can’t damage your files when they are protected by 4shared.

One more solution for simple backup of files online is 4shared Sync. After installation of this brilliant app you just work with your “My 4shared” folder as with other PC folders and save your files there. When Internet is connected they are simply uploading to your 4shared account and not only backed up but also synchronized (you can access them from any other computer with Internet connection anytime).