Easy search within your account

Easy search within account

Find your files easily with 4shared not only in the whole 4shared database, but also within your account.

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1. Account search
It is possible to search files at your account. Find files you need at your account quickly and easily.

2. Filetypes search
Search and find necessary files by their types. Choose the “Filetype” option for easier search of the files.

3. Tags search
Put tags to your folders and files for their better “searchability”. Choose this option to search for a file, if you know exact tags of your files or folders.

4. Search by date
Finding files at 4shared also includes such an option, as “Search by the date of uploading”. You can choose to search for files, uploaded either recently or during the whole time of your having a 4shared account.

5. Search by size
You can get better finding file results, if you specify the size of the file, you need. You can point out its limits or just choose an option of searching a large or a small file.