Editing text files online

Edit text files online

Edit uploaded to 4shared text files online! Revise them yourself or let your friends edit online text files as well, if you want!

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An opportunity to edit uploaded documents online is available for 4shared Premium users. There is no need to download files.

This feature is, obviously, beneficial, as 4shared online text editor enables the users edit the documents, to-do lists, or notes, for example, in a few clicks. If you want to edit something in your text file, just open it, do necessary changes and then save the updates.

Share the access to text files at your 4shared account. Let your colleagues, friends, relatives, or anyone else edit the file as well. This feature aims at providing online collaboration in real-time.

  • Creating and editing text files by multiple users.
  • Be in different places and edit the same text together.
  • View the changes made by others in a second.
  • Make a document created by the team.
  • Save time and traffic for reviews and modifications.
“Editing files online” option is popular among businessmen, students. Edit shopping lists and to-do lists as well.

All you have to do to get started is to sign up and become a 4 shared Premium user!