Free hosting subdomain

Free subdomain hosting

Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible subdomain feature allows users to change the domain name mapping of folder or file to the preferable subdomain name.

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1. Free change of subdomain name
4shared allows free subdomain changing and files authorization. You are able to create the sub-domain names to your folders and files and free to change them, when you want.

2. Change subdomain name whenever you want
You are free to change your sub-domain folder and file names yourself. You can change sub-domain names, as many times as you want to.

3. Create customized links
Within sub-domain name feature you can create your own customizable links. This feature is exactly useful in terms of promotion of your links or downloading the special kind of files, which must be recognizable.

4. Create, promote customized accounts
4shared allows users to create their own customized accounts.

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