Multiple files upload

Multiple file upload

Upload as many files as you want at once with 4shared. Start uploading everything you need and do your other work.

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Uploading a lot of files simultaneously with 4shared.

This feature allows you:
  • To economize your time.
  • To manage other files at your account during the uploading.
  • Don’t wait until one task is ready and start the other.
This is the best opportunity for fidgets to feel comfortable. You can do plenty of work at once.
In addition to all work you do yourself, there is one which 4shared does for you. All files which are separately or multiply uploaded to 4shared are backed up. You can stay calm for all your files which are at 4shared, you can even delete them from your computer or any other device, any way your will be easy accessible at your 4shared account!

Multi files upload at 4shared is a really helpful feature which lets you to save your time, do plenty of work at once, and back up files in one click without creating special folders or archiving files.