Password protection of folder

Password protection of folders

All 4shared users can protect any folders at their accounts with a password, if they need to.

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1. Password Protection
Any chosen folder from your 4shared account can be protected with the unique password, chosen by you, which will be known to you only, and the people, you wish to share it with, to let them access the password protected folder.

2. Browsing/Moderator Access
You can decide, whether to allow other users browse, or browse& manage password protected folder, let them upload more files to the folder, etc.

3. Change folder password
If you wish to share a certain folder with the particular people occasionally, it’s simple to change the folder password, as soon you no longer need the user(s) to browse, manage or download it. As long as the new password is known to you only, the contents of the folder won’t be visible to anyone else.

4. Remove Password
If you don’t need a particular folder in your account at to be password protected anymore, you can remove the password. Then, the folder will be visible again, unless you decide not to make it shared at all.