The QR codes for files are available for 4shared users and turn out to be especially beneficial for smartphone users.

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What is QR-code? It is a matrix barcode readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. These codes contain a URL, contact information, a calendar event, and much more.

Capture QR codes of any needed file at 4shared with the QR code reader of your mobile phone.
  • get a direct link to the file;
  • browse;
  • download;
  • share.
In this respect, every user of 4shared, who has got the QR code reader, can save much time and efforts, as there’s no longer a need to type every address or link to the file to open and download it, for instance. The only thing necessary is to capture the file’s QR code and, voila, you instantly get the direct link to the file.

What is more, you can easily download any featured 4shared application on your smartphone in seconds as well. Just capture the QR code of the app and enjoy using the convenient application.

QR code feature at 4shared is, by all means, one of the most beneficial ones, much due to the fact, that it fastens the downloading and file-sharing process to a considerable extent. Moreover, each user of 4shared (including Free and Premium users) are provided with a great opportunity to use file and app QR codes.