Share access levels

Share access levels

You can define the sharing access levels to folders at your 4shared account in a matter of a few clicks.

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1. Browsing Access
In case you share a particular folder at your 4shared account, it becomes visible for other users, so that they can browse it, whenever they wish to.

2. Moderator Access
You can allow moderator access to one or more of your folders at 4shared: in this case they will be able to manage the files within the folder, copy, paste, rename or delete the files, create subfolders, if it’s needed. You can also allow other users to upload and web grab files to/from your shared folder.

3. Add a folder to 4shared search
If you wish to share the folder from your 4shared account and make it possible to find it in 4shared search, you can add it to 4shared search results, so that if any other person enters the name of your folder in 4shared search bar, the folder will be easily found.

4. One-click Download
The shared folder can be downloaded in 1 click by other users, if you wish to provide them with such sharing access level. In this case, they won’t have to wait before the downloading process starts.