Zip Preview of the files

Preview zip files

There is no need to extract zip files to view their content. The preview of zipped files is available for 4shared Premium users.

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You use a lot of archives while working? Tiered to unzip each file just for one line of information? You want to save your time? 4shared will release you.

Unzipping files online often requires additional software. Downloading seems inevitable. For example your colleague shared with you a big archive. Instead of downloading the whole archive you can just select the files from the archive and open them.

4shared saves your time because you can:
  • Forget about boring unzipping zip files.
  • Easily view files in separate windows.
  • Work with archives immediately.
This feature eases users’ work with archived files at 4shared account. You don’t need to install any applications to retrieve the content of a zip file online, because it is available in a preview mode as any other file. Moreover, you can view zipped file in separate windows. Due to this, users are provided with a detailed list of files, which are inside of a zipped folder.

Our handy preview tool will allow you to preview any documents. you can be sure, that you have just the best zipped files at your account and, of course, know their content before downloading.