• Your own company brand application as well as your domain name is fully customized

  • Your application is hosted and supported by 4shared.

  • Full administrative interface

  • Ads-free sharing.

  • Automated and scheduled backups.

  • Custom login page and a domain name.

  • File server integration and interface customization.

For Enterprise businesses, we offer a full-featured version of the 4shared Enterprise solution that will be delivered fully configured and pre-loaded on a standalone server.
As the owner of a 4shared Enterprise package, you’ll be able to use all the comprehensive functionality of 4shared for your business, including special features. With 4shared Enterprise, your data store-and-share business is set up to create new file-sharing capabilities and new revenue streams for your company.

Manage functions on your own - make them available for users, and manage your clients’ databases. The 4shared support team will take care of the technical aspects of your business, so you don’t have to be concerned with availability of servers, security, or data integrity.

Simply sign up and become the owner of 4shared Enterprise, then register your domain and send it to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll be glad to help make your business as profitable as possible.
For more information, email us at enterprise@4shared.com

Call us at (1)781.583.1454

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