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4shared Mobile for iPhone

4shared Mobile for your iPhone or iPad

Get maximum from 4shared with your iPhone/iPad - upload, access and share files in a few clicks.

4shared Mobile for iPhone/iPad is designed to enable you get direct access your 4shared account from your iPhone or iPad, browse all files and download them to your device. It’s very simple to synchronize photos and videos from your iPhone/iPad with your 4shared account, anytime you would like to, as well, just in a few clicks.


  • Capture photos and record videos.
  • Get immediate access to 4shared from your iPhone/iPad.
  • Instant upload of photos and videos to your 4shared account.
  • Browse and manage all files at your 4shared account on the iPhone/iPad.
  • Share files from iPhone/iPad with others in a few clicks.
  • The app is free.

4shared photo for iPhone/iPad is a user-friendly app, with which you can easily take photos on your iPhone/iPad, manage your photo-albums and share your favorite digital masterpieces with anyone, you wish to. Moreover, 4shared photo lets you have the back-up of all your photos at the secured 4shared account.


  • Take high-quality photos.
  • Instant upload of 999,999 taken photos, captured on iPhone/iPad.
  • Instant access to photos, stored at 4shared account.
  • Simple photo/photo-album management at your web-account.
  • Share photos from iPhone/iPad in a few clicks.
  • The app is free.