File sharing

4shared is a free service that allows you to upload, share, search and download your videos, music, pictures and documents in just a few clicks. Get 15 GB of storage space for free when you join

4shared supports all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) and devices.

Share your files with other verified 4shared users, with ease, using 4shared email service. They will be able to download your files, having logged in their accounts. Easy-to-send links automatically attach to emails, making shared files easy to access.

  • Upload or download multiple files at the same time
  • Use download accelerators
  • Get detailed file and account statistics
  • View the simple file upload progress bar
  • Resume interrupted transfers
  • Use Web Grab to quickly upload files from the Internet
  • Manage and edit text files
  • Play downloaded music files
File Sharing
Photo sharing

Multiple Albums
Create and share an unlimited number of photo albums.

Automated Thumbnails
Upload photos and create thumbnails instantly.

Share Photos or Albums
Share photo albums with friends and family.

Photo Community
Join the growing 4shared photo community.

Download Counts
Keep track of how many times your photos were viewed/downloaded.

Photo Sharing
Document Sharing and Management

Share Documents
Share your documents with ease — and upload documents (no size limits, no firewalls, or email limitations) to the 4shared Cloud, and share with friends and colleagues.

Organize Document Folder
Organize your Document Folders — create a folder structure that reflects the way your/your team works on projects. Access your folders anywhere — from the office, on the go, or at home.

Get clear statistics — track how many times your documents were viewed and downloaded.

Document Management
Video sharing

Create a DVD Collection
Upload an unlimited number of movies and create video collections in the cloud.

Stream Your Video
Join our growing 4shared movie community.

Share Movies
Share your personal videos with friends and family..

Video Community
Access and stream your move collection instantly, no downloads required.

Download Counts
Keep track of how many times your movies were viewed/downloaded.

Video Sharing
Music sharing

Make an Album
Create personalized music albums — upload an unlimited number of songs and create personalized music collections in the 4shared Cloud.

Share Music
Share music — 4shared allows you to share your own music collection with close friends and family members. Invite them to listen to your favorites by emailing links.

Stream Your Music
Stream your music — access and stream your music instantly, no downloads required.

Music Community
Get started today. Spread the word — tell your friends about 4shared and invite them to store their music in our cloud.

Music Sharing
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