4shared Music for Android

4shared Music for Android

4shared Music for Android is a perfect way to keep all your favorite music at hand. Wherever you are at the moment, there is no need to add each separate track to mobile phone.

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1. Play any track at 4shared
With 4shared Music for Android you can stream any track, found in 4shared public search and your personal account directly on your phone.

2. Music Files Management
You can manage the music files, stored at your account at 4shared.com, that is add, copy, rename or delete any music files.

3. Playlist Management
It’s virtually easy to create new playlists and store them at your 4shared account with 4shared Music, rename, copy or delete any of them, if it’s necessary right from your Android phone.

You can also manage the tracks in the playlists in a simple way, add or delete any track from the playlist, whenever you wish to.

4. Play Modes
There’re presented 3 play modes in 4shared Music for Android, including normal, repeat and shuffle, so that you can choose the most convenient one for you.

5. 15 GB Storage Space
Each user of 4shared Music for Android is given 15 GB storage space at 4shared absolutely for free, with a possibility to upgrade to 100GB space.

6. Free 4shared Music
Unlike many other music applications, 4shared Music for Android is free for download for each and every user.