4shared Music for Android

4shared Music for Android

4shared Music for Android is a perfect way to keep all your favorite music at hand. Wherever you are at the moment, there is no need to add each separate track to mobile phone.

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4shared Music is a wonderful music app for Android smartphones, which enables streaming any tracks from your personal account and the whole massive 4shared music database directly on your phone. It’s convenient and easy to use.

Simple music file/playlist management allows you: to create, to rename, to delete any track or playlist at your 4shared account in a few clicks.

There are 3 playing modes:
  • normal
  • repeat
  • shuffle
It will make your listening-to-music experience absolutely incomparable.

All users can download 4shared Music for Android for free and receive 15 GB of free storage space to store their most favorite tracks at 4shared.