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Sergei V.
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I am Sergei, CEO of 1ClassLifeStyle (First-Class LifeStyle) and I am currently a Personal Growth & Success Expert. Website I help and teach people how to get a fresh start and have a brand-new style of living after a divorce, loss or if single. How can I relate to you? I have been a successful athlete and today I am a successful entrepreneur, but I have had my share of losses. Learn Who is Sergei aka Ice Man the Founder of First-Class Lifestyle Read Website Blog about Personal Growth, Success, Self-Improvement, Business Online, and Laptop Lifestyle Posts or Guest Blog Author Sergei VanBellinghen My upbringing and origin are from the former Soviet Union, but I lived most of my life abroad. I lived countless years in 3 hemispheres of the globe, East Europe, North America & West Europe. And by having a TRIPLE culture and mentality, I am able to see 3 different pictures of the problem at hand. You may not want to believe me on my expertise, but you should as I write a book on the subject. Trust me here. I wouldn’t lead you astray – I get nothing out of screwing you over, but I get to be a hero if I give you the guidance that increases your life, right? Right! My purpose in life is to help others realize that they can live a successful life, a life of their dreams, take care of their loved ones and I am here to spread that message.
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