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Halo installers Texas - High schools across the country are grappling with an explosion of adolescent vaping.
Halo SMART Sensor detects signs of cigarette smoking or vaping. These could be in areas where CCTV cameras are prohibited and/or not suitable, but where you want them to make sure individuals are protected and illegal or unwanted behavior is recognized...
he WAVE-101 is intended for easy screen projecting with iOS, Android, Mac, Chromebook, and Windows gadgets.
School Security Systems Texas
Texas school security systems - Our entire staff wants to thank all the Teachers and especially the Texas teachers.
Halo installers Texas. Fires in the workplace aren't uncommon; many that do occur could have been easily prevented.
ITRG Secure is committed to providing K-12 Technology and School Safety devices for all Texas ISD’s through the establishment of trust and satisfaction.
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With multiple sensors and advanced analytics, settings are adjusted and maximized for the rooms' environment, eliminating false alarms that other detectors get from disinfectant and body sprays.
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Vaping Detection Solution for Schools and Facilities.
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Need a reliable, high-performing security experience?
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Experience improved security but zero invasion of student privacy. That's the power of the HALO Smart Sensor.
Get quick and easy content sharing with the WAVE-101. This wireless presentation system allows up to 4 devices to share content wirelessly.
Keep your school, staff, and students safe with a multi-sensor capable of detecting vaping, smoke, and abnormal sounds like ️shouting in areas a camera cannot be placed.
All-in-one Intelligent security device that improves the school's security system.
Improve Security for privacy concern areas.
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Need increased protection for students? Texas school security systems can help!
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Texas Halo Installers - Looking for a way to deal with aggressive behavior among students?
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Allow multiple students to share their screens with Wave 101 Wireless presentation system.
Put a stop to physical bullying and verbal aggression in schools.
Wave 101 Wireless Presentation System is equipped with a host of convenience features ideal for education and other applications.
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Wireless Wave Presentation System.
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