4shared Quick Tour

step 5. Search for files

As a 4shared user, you can upload, store and share your files. This also implies that your files, open for public access, will be available for search and download for other 4shared users and, vice versa, you can use the 4shared Search feature to find a file you need.
Search for files at 4shared easily by entering the search keyword in "Search" bar at the 4shared Search page or begin with selecting a specific file category for your search.
Specify your search: define file type (mp3, mpeg, jpg or else) and the file size range.
Sorting options enable grouping 4shared search results the way you need, based on file size, upload date, etc.
File details and preview are available at the file download page.Simply click the file link in the list of search results to open it.
Tip! If you wish to increase the popularity of your files, available for public access at 4shared, ensure you've added a file title, description and tags in the file "Properties" menu.
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